Kit Cameo


I create glass art out of new and old bottles and other glass pieces using etching acid. I've created a lot of pirate treasures, because I used to work with a pirate store in North Hollywood, California. I can etch mirrors, doors, votives, bottles, and mugs, as well as anything else with a smooth glass surface.

I also like to paint fantasy art, and I especially love creating dragons. Much of what I paint comes from the sketches I make in the sketchbook that I carry around with me. It is usually whatever pops out at me from the page, unless I have a particular story in mind that I'm working with. I've done work with polymer clay as well, mainly for my more creative jewelry pieces.


  • Glass Etching
  • Painting
  • Product Design
  • Character Design
  • Drawing


  • glass etching
  • painting
  • sculpting
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • photography
  • indesign
  • excel